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The lovely LyriQ performing "God's Children"...
Marie Grady, affectionately known in the entertainment world as LyriQ, is an author, songwriter/vocalist, and spoken word performer.   With about 15 years performing experience under her belt, LyriQ still considers herself a babe in the industry, for she strives daily to reinvent herself and to take her craft to the next level.
To LyriQ’s acclaim are three self-published books of poetry to include, “My Piece Be With You” ,“Eye of Thee…Behold Her”,  "Indelible: Scriptures from a Poetic Soul", and a romance novel entitled, "Tomorrow Promises..." 
Also a skilled vocalist and songwriter, LyriQ has fashioned a number musical/poetic favorites to include collaborations with such artists as the phenomenal Eryk Moore, Bro Poet of Da Wonda Twinz Dub TP Productions, B.L.I.S.S. of 1224 Entertainment, and the infamous Daryl Hayott of Konfuscious Klan.  These and more heartfelt creations were compiled to create LyriQ’s first album recently released entitled, “Sole to Soul”.  In addition, LyriQ's next cd entitled, "Earthbound Butterfly" is slated to be released before Christmas 2015.
LyriQ has traveled with a group of dynamic poets called New Danger, whose primary purpose is to provide inspiration to our youth through spoken word performances at the Department of Juvenile Justice group homes, schools and colleges, as well as a number of community developed events.  A member of the Black Poetry Café, the Black Author’s Network, and co-host of the Lyrical Disciples Internet radio show, and owner of the Lyrical Innovations Design company, LyriQ is definitely out there doing her thing in artistic realm.
A connoisseur of eclectic verbal stylings, LyriQ remains humbled by the concept of being a vessel through which vibes of existence flow.  Her mission in life…to make a positive difference in the world we lovingly refer to as home.
A lyrical disciple tried and true, LyriQ will live and die by the pen.
 COMPLETED WORKS:     'My Piece Be With You' (book of poetry - sold over 560 copies),  Eye of Thee...Behold Her (sold 140 copies since January 2008), and the newly released Indelible: Scriptures of a Poetic Soul (Straight Off the Press!).  Also in her repertoire is the cd, "Sole to Soul"  and the soon to be released "Bare."  Available items can be purchased on this website.
WORKS IN PROGRESS:   In the editing stage of my second romance novel entitled, "Twice in a Lifetimes."
DEGREES:   Associate in Humanities, Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, & a Master of Arts Degree in Mental Health Counseling. 
OTHER HOBBIES:     Working with under-privileged  students, drawing, singing, graphics designing, salsa dancing, and last but certainly not least,  performing Spoken Word.  I have also since adopted the glorious gift of painting.
PROFESSION:     Global Career Development Facilitator (middle school) 
My mission is to live in the light of this phenomenal gift God has granted me.  I may never fully understand its purpose, but as long as I can revel in the positive effects of its presence, my life will be better and more fulfilled.
If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the above sited works, feel free to do so using the Products Tab provided.  Please know that I appreciate your love and support and I welcome any feedback you wish to provide.  If you do not want your message posted here on the site, please feel free to reach out directly to my email

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