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Author, Poetess, Activist ...screaming from the soul!
Many would describe Stephanie as a pioneer for women.  Her vision of empowerment energizes her movement as she seeks to change destinies.
  • By Faith Body Care
    By Faith Body Care makes a wide-range of products that are all made from certified organic ingredients. We make excellent bath oils, bath salts, herbal baths, soaps, toners, and treatments. It's our determination to make the best products possible that sets us apart. We make products for the world that we want to live in. It's a place where 'before' and 'after' are more important than 'now'. Our customers are loyal because we do what we say we'll do (and then some).
A Dream Play Productions is a full service global digital multi-media company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Licensed and registered with the Georgia Secretary of State since 2007.
    Renaissance Woman! Songwriter, Songstress, Motivational Speaker
    The Columbia Writers Alliance functions as an organization that seeks to serve 
    the community by building a bridge between literature and the arts
An online and live reading and networking group for women that focuses on reading and discussing books about and by African-Americans and promoting unity through women empowerment and fellowship
The sun may burst upon the scene, and the moon seem to appear. The sun may exit the scene with glory and drama, and the moon fade from sight silently. But it is the moon by which we dream, the moon who controls the seas, and the moon that holds the reigns of sanity. LunaC
Science Fiction At Its Finest
Shanelle Gabriel has been labeled a virtuosa, and she definitely validates that statement as a soulful singer, a gifted writer, astounding actress, and advocate for Lupus awareness. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, she has displayed her skills at colleges and venues both nationally and internationally
Typeilly Press - Comic Artist  -
Mike Sales created TYPE ILLY PRESS because he wanted to tell stories about the people he knew and the places he
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